MommyJ Baby Pure Rice Puff for 6M+, 3 Flavors (Apple, Banana, Blueberry)

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Flavor: Apple

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99% of parents make a mistake when selecting rice puff for their baby: opting for a flavor that caters to adult taste preferences. However, adults are used to bold flavors with strong cravings for saltiness, spiciness, and sweetness. Remember: don't choose rice puff based on what adults like.

When selecting baby rice puffs or cookies, it's best to limit the ingredients list and opt for pure and natural options. MommyJ Pure Rice Puff is the perfect choice - with no added ingredients, it's ideal for your precious little one.

MommyJ Rice Puff is neither fried nor baked, but made using the pressure-decompressing technique. Its porous and fluffy structure provides a delightfully crispy texture and natural sweetness.

Each bottle of MommyJ Baby Pure Rice PUFF contains 45g of rice puffs that are rich in vitamins and calcium, MommyJ Rice Puff is a nutritious snack that children love! Made with pure natural fruits, it also helps promote healthy growth.

Why parents choose MommyJ Pure Rice Puff:

  1. Non-fried and non-baked to minimize loss of nutrients and promote high digestibility.
  2. Specially made in STAR shape with gap between the 4 corners to ensure there is space in the esophagus/airway to allow air to pass through easily and easily dissolves and melts in baby’s mouth.
  3. Made from only 3 original ingredients: white rice, brown rice, and pure fruits (apples, bananas, or blueberries) without unhealthy additives.
  4. Contains pure fruit powder, not fruit extract nor concentrate, to maintain high nutrient content.
  5. Quality assurance through SGS lab testing with zero heavy metal (from mercury, lead, cadmium).
  6. Comes in new bottle packaging for easy storage and to avoid loss of taste.
  7. Helps train oral muscles, finger muscles, and hand-eye coordination while allowing babies to explore
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Apple, Banana, Blueberry