MommyJ Baby Organic Rice Cereal for 6M+ (Japonica) or 9M+ (3 Grains)

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Type: Japonica

3 Grains
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At 6 months, your baby is ready to embark on their journey of solid foods! Start them off on the right nutritional foot with MommyJ Organic Japonica Pearl White Rice cereal, specially crafted with a smooth texture for an easy transition.

At 9 months old, MommyJ Organic 3 Grains Rice Cereal offers an exciting blend of flavours & textures to assist babies in advancing their palate! This certified organic blend, featuring japonica rice, mixed quinoa and hulled miller, provides essential vitamins, minerals and Omega-3's to support baby's brain development.

MommyJ Baby Organic Japonica and 3 Grains Rice Cereal has all the features parents are looking for:

  • Certified organic and HACPP-certified
  • Free of gluten, dairy, and any other elements that could cause allergies.
  • No sugar, salt, coloring, or preservatives have been added
  • Each pack of 8 sachets, each 20g each, is easily for traveling.
  • Ready in only one minute, and with a silky smooth, fine consistency, 
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Japonica, 3 Grains