Gnubkins Premium Instant Wholegrain Baby Cereal for 6M+

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Flavor: Brown Rice

Brown Rice
Brown Rice and Beetroot
Brown Rice and Supergreens
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Perfect as a first transition to solid foods! This wholesome cereal is made from wholegrains and organic supergreens, which are cold-pressed to optimise nutrient retention! Specially formulated, this cereal is fortified with M-Gard?, a high bioactivity Norwegian yeast beta-glucan, also known as an immunomodulator that enhances your baby's vital defence mechanisms against pathogens such as bacteria, virus, and fungus. This appetising cereal introduces new flavours to your baby's palate!

Weight: 225g, 15g x 15 sachets

Preparation Instructions:
1. Pour sachet contents into heat-safe bowl
2. Add 60-80ml of hot or lukewarm water
3. Stir well and add water, if needed, to achieve desired consistency
4. Test temperature before feeding

Ingredient: Brown rice powder, instant cereal powder, M-Gard? yeast beta-glucan / Non-GMO beetrooot / Organic supergreens (depending on flavour chosen)

Little Baby Grains by GNUBKINS is a leading brand of organic and natural products for babies and children. Founded by a Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach and mother, our products are trustworthy, honest and perfect for starting solids. We only select quality ingredients which are organic or natural. Where possible, we source our ingredients from local farmers and only work with ethical partners. We're passionate about helping you! From the moment your baby starts solids, we are there for you with recipes, instructions and guides

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Brown Rice, Brown Rice and Beetroot, Brown Rice and Supergreens