Applecrumby Fluoride-Free Toothgel for Newborn (50mL), 3 Flavors

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Flavor: Apple & Pear

Apple & Pear
Banana & Strawberry
Fresh Natural Mint
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Tags: Newborn

Size: 50ml

Age: From newborn up

Why is Applecrumby Toothgel Fluoride Free? While we recognize that there may be certain benefits to fluoride, there can also be potential risks to young children:

  • Just 1 gram of fluoride toothpaste (a full strip of paste on a regular-sized brush) is sufficient to cause acute fluoride toxicity in a two-year old child (e.g., nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea).
  • Children who swallow fluoride toothpaste can reach fluoride levels in their blood that exceed the levels that have been found to inhibit insulin secretion and increase blood glucose in humans.
  • Fluoride has been identified as a developmental neurotoxicant linked to lowered IQ in children.

So how is our Applecrumby Fluoride Free Toothgel different from others:

  • GREAT FOR SENSITIVE MOUTHS - This tooth gel is great for sensitive little mouths as it does not burn in the way most minty toothpastes do.
  • MADE WITH XYLITOL - Made with Xylitol, a proven cavity-fighter, this tooth gel tastes naturally sweet while fighting off cavities. This is a simple way to protect your infant or baby's mouth from cavities and other harmful things.
  • PERFECTLY SAFE - Not only is this product safe for kids to use, but it is completely safe to swallow. This means you don't have to worry about your beginning brusher swallowing the toothpaste while they continue to learn oral hygiene.
  • ALL NATURAL - Free from Glycerin, Fluoride, Sugar, Artificial Colouring, SLS, Paraben. This soothing tooth gel provides natural strength and relief from pain. This product is also fluoride-free, so it is great for new brushers. Your little ones will begin looking forward to brushing their teeth!
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - Chamomile, Aloe Vera & Green Tea to soothe gums

Other Tips:

  • Safe for infants too!
  • May use as soothing & cooling teething gel.


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Apple & Pear, Banana & Strawberry, Fresh Natural Mint