The idea of Happy Kind was conceived when Joey bought a painting for her son, with a caption saying “fill the world with kindness”. In this modern world, kindness has taken a backseat to self-interest in fueling happiness. At Happy Kind, we firmly believe that Happiness and Kindness should go hand in hand in making the world a better place. So who we are? We are no different than the other mommies and kiddos’ stores, we sell to make a living. Just that, we make a difference by Doing Good.


Sharing what we know and learning what we have yet to know. Life is a process to engage in. We strive to actively engage our parents by creating and sharing bite-size content on our social media channels

Kindness makes you happy and happiness makes you kind. We giveback to the community by contributing 1% of our sales and we aim to organise and participate in volunteering activities with our parents.

Eat, Play, Sleep. We offer products mainly in these three categories. This allows us to stay focus in our constant lookout for quality products that are safe and beneficial. We don't rush in adding products to our store.